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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. author
    Q. What is the procedure for getting a rug bound ?

    A. Bring your carpet off-cuts to the workshop along with the finished measurements you want the rug made into. We do the rest.

  2. author
    Q. How Long Does it take ?

    A. It varies due to workload but generally takes between 10 to 14 days.

  3. author
    Q. Do I have to cut the carpet myself ?

    A. No, we will cut the pieces to your requirements.

  4. author
    Q. Can I have any shape ?

    A. Yes, within reason. But it does depend on the carpet type and size. We can produce circles, ovals, toilet pedestal mats along with squares and rectangles.

  5. author
    Q. What is the largest rug you can do ?

    A. 4 metres x 4 metres.

  6. author
    Can you bind a carpet for my caravan ?

    A. Yes, we have done many caravans, boats and camper re-fits. You just need to provide us with your template.

  7. author
    Q. Do I have to provide my own carpet ?

    A. You can provide your own carpet or we can order you a carpet from a selection of pattern book samples we have at our workshop.

  8. author
    Q. What types of binding can I have ?

    A. The most popular is binding with a wool yarn done in an over locking stitch using a colour that compliments the carpet. We can also fringe carpets and bind carpets using linen tape.

  9. author
    Q. Can I choose the colour of yarn ?

    A. Yes, but most people leave it to us to select the best yarn for the job. However if you require a contrast colour, you need to provide us with a sample of material to match against.

  10. author
    Q. Is there anything to stop my rug from slipping ?

    A. We supply various anti slip rug materials that will hold your rug in place on both carpet and hard floors.